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Brad R Lambert - "Joker" Premiere

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Brad R Lambert with Brandon Davis at the "Joker" Premiere

Brad R Lambert || Had the opportunity to attend the "Joker" Premiere last night and WOW!

Growing up I loved Batman and followed the comics, TV shows and films. The Nolan Trilogy is iconic and Heath Ledger's performance as the "Clown Prince of Crime" was legendary. Heading into this film I was unsure how I would feel coming out of it, but after seeing it I was NOT disappointed.

Joaquin Phoenix's performance was HIGHLY disturbing and even hard to watch at times, and that's a good thing. This character is so complex and I feel Joaquin did a phenomenal job bringing it to life and touching on important issues which we overlook today. I would not be surprised if he's up for an Academy Award for this performance; it was THAT good.

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